M 1629 Bis-POM-PMPA
(Tenofovir dipivoxil; Bis(pivaloyloxymethyl)-9-[2-(phosphonomethoxy)propyl]-adenine)
HPLC Purified, Delivered ≥ 95.0% pure with dated HPLC UV chromatogram
Solid, store at -20oC
Screw cap v-vial - shipped on dry ice Please Inquire for Pricing
M.W. 515.5

MT 1629 Bis-POM-PMPA, [adenine-2,8-3H]-
(Tenofovir dipivoxil, [adenine-2,8-3H]-; Bis(pivaloyloxymethyl)-9-[2-(phosphonomethoxy)propyl]-adenine, [adenine-2,8-3H]-)
MORpure HPLC Purified, Delivered ≥ 97.0% pure with dated HPLC radiochromatogram
Ethanol:water (1:1) solution, 1 mCi/ml, store at -20oC
1-10 Ci(37-370 GBq)/mmol, store at -20oC Please Inquire for Pricing
NextGen V-Vial - shipped on dry ice
M.W. 515.5

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